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Nice artwork dude
your work is amazing! im a huge fan of you, and your stile! whenever i need some good pics, i head strait for your gallery :D. and i have a few suggestions future works.

my main suggestion is shiro from deadman wonderland.

and the other suggestion i have is crona, from soul eater.
Janithorss Oct 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You have a fantastic gallery and a great drawing ability.
Why don't anime characters look asian?
I love all your drawings and I especially love the design character that tickles everyone he's so sexy! /).(\ keep up the excellent work! If I had Kidetic(tha anime chara, on your logo I wouldn't mind being tickled for an hour and I'm extremely ticklish :3
great job man!  i wish you make something with last of us ellie
U have a powerful foot/bondage fetish man, i admire u man, not many people have the guts to express themselves, you are the man. Keep up the good work soldier.
I love your pictures
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